Microsoft AI-900 Dumps

Microsoft AI-900 Dumps

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
  • 241 Questions & Answers
  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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Microsoft AI-900 Sample Questions

Question # 1

You have an Azure Machine Learning pipeline that contains a Split Data module. The Split Data module outputs to a Train Model module and a Score Model module. What is the function of the Split Data module?

A. selecting columns that must be included in the model 
B. creating training and validation datasets 
C. diverting records that have missing data 
D. scaling numeric variables so that they are within a consistent numeric range 

Question # 2

You have an Al solution that provides users with the ability to control smart devices by using verbal commands. Which two types of natural language processing (NLP) workloads does the solution use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. text-to-speech 
B. translation 
C. language modeling 
D. key phrase extraction 
E. speech-to-text 

Question # 3

You need to develop a web-based AI solution for a customer support system. Users mustbe able to interact with a web app that will guide them to the best resource or answer.Which service should you use?

A. Custom Vision 
B. QnA Maker 
C. Translator Text 
D. Face 

Question # 4

You need to track multiple versions of a model that was trained by using Azure Machine Learning. What should you do?

A. Provision an inference duster. 
B. Explain the model. 
C. Register the model. 
D. Register the training data. 

Question # 5

You are building a knowledge base by using QnA Maker. Which file format can you use topopulate the knowledge base?


Question # 6

You use drones to identify where weeds grow between rows of crops to send an Instructionfor the removal of the weeds. This is an example of which type of computer vision?

A. scene segmentation 
B. optical character recognition (OCR) 
C. object detection 

Question # 7

You have a webchat bot that provides responses from a QnA Maker knowledge base.You need to ensure that the bot uses user feedback to improve the relevance of theresponses over time.What should you use?

A. key phrase extraction 
B. sentiment analysis 
C. business logic 
D. active learning 

Question # 8

You are developing a conversational AI solution that will communicate with users throughmultiple channels including email, Microsoft Teams, and webchat.Which service should you use?

A. Text Analytics 
B. Azure Bot Service 
C. Translator 
D. Form Recognizer 

Question # 9

You have insurance claim reports that are stored as text.You need to extract key terms from the reports to generate summaries.Which type of Al workload should you use?

A. conversational Al 
B. anomaly detection 
C. natural language processing 
D. computer vision 

Question # 10

You need to build an image tagging solution for social media that tags images of yourfriends automatically. Which Azure Cognitive Services service should you use?

A. Computer Vision 
B. Face 
C. Text Analytics 
D. Form Recognizer 

Question # 11

You use Azure Machine Learning designer to build a model pipeline. What should youcreate before you can run the pipeline?

A. a Jupyter notebook 
B. a registered model 
C. a compute resource 

Question # 12

You need to develop a chatbot for a website. The chatbot must answer users questionsbased on the information m the following documents• A product troubleshooting guide m a Microsoft Word document• A frequently asked questions (FAQ) list on a webpageWhich service should you use to process the documents?

A. Language Undemanding 
B. Text Analytics 
C. Azure Bot Service 
D. QnA Maker 

Question # 13

In which scenario should you use key phrase extraction?

A. translating a set of documents from English to German 
B. generating captions for a video based on the audio track 
C. identifying whether reviews of a restaurant are positive or negative 
D. identifying which documents provide information about the same topics