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PMI PMI-PBA Sample Questions

Question # 1

A business analyst conducts an initial review to define scope. The analysis includes thereview of the business case, project goals, and objectives to obtain the necessary andrequired context Based on that information, the business analyst determines that this is alarge project with multiple interfaces which could cost the company money that was notinitially included in the budget.What characteristics of the project are needed to determine the approach so that thebusiness analyst can validate whether they will need to have a discussion about thebudget?

A. Type of elicitation activities to be conducted 
B. Selected project life cycle 
C. Business analysis deliverables to be produced 
D. Decision on the type of models to be used 

Question # 2

A major stakeholder of a project is surprised to learn that a particular requirement was notimplemented during the latest launch. The business analyst tells the stakeholder that therequirement status was changed to "deferred."What could have prevented the stakeholder from being surpnsed about the status change?

A. The status should have been reviewed prior to project launch. 
B. The status should have been communicated to the requirement's source. 
C. The status should have been updated in the traceability matrix. 
D. The status should have been communicated to all project stakeholders. 

Question # 3

Company A would like to enter into a new market. The business analyst has been assignedlo a project for which nobody in Company A has any prior experience. The project managerhas asked the business analyst to assist in resource planning.What should the business analyst recommend to the project manager?

A. Review the business case to reconsider the project. 
B. Ask the sponsor for more resources. 
C. Hire external subject matter experts for the core project team. 
D. Ask the developer's team manager for more resources 

Question # 4

A stakeholder wants to modify an existing feature. Which of the following would be used todetermine the scope of the change on the product?

A. Project schedule and cost baseline 
B. Requirements attributes table 
C. Requirements traceabihty matrix 
D. Sequence diagram 

Question # 5

A financial company deployed a new online product lo Iheir customers to invest in the stockmarket. The company notices a problem regarding financial calculations and starts theproblem analysis. The company discovers that the new rules for taxes and fees were notimplemented.This problem could have been avoided by:

A. involving a business analyst during all phases of system development. 
B. implementing an automated Issue tracking system to facilitate the tracing of defects tothe requirements. 
C. using a table that shows each applicable business rule with the implemented functionalrequirement. 
D. rolling back the operations using a contingency process in order to avoid loss and clientdissatisfaction. 

Question # 6

A project team has completed the system use cases along with accompanying screenmockups. The business analyst schedules a review meeting with the client team to walkthrough the artifacts.What is the purpose of this meeting?

A. To verify that the system is aligned with the quality requirements 
B. To validate that the documents are aligned with the solution requirements 
C. To validate that the system is aligned with the stakeholder requirements 
D. To verify that the documents are aligned with the transition requirements 

Question # 7

A key component of the business analysts role during acceptance testing is to:

A. delegate execution of acceptance testing and defect identification to users. 
B. execute all acceptance tests on behalf of the user community. 
C. assist the quality assurance department by defining acceptance cntena. 
D. act as a resource only when users encounter difficulties while performing tests. 

Question # 8

A company is working on the next big release of their best-selling product. Therequirements will be validated through in-person validation sessions. What would be themost viable technique to use in thisscenario?

A. A review of the previous version 
B. A brainstorming session 
C. A review of the solution prototype 
D. A use-case development session 

Question # 9

Which tool should be used to improve the communication of product needs with thestakeholders and to improve their understanding?

A. Document management system and a relationship matrix that groups all relateddocuments 
B. Workflow management tool that documents the flow of information 
C. Modeling tool integrated into a version control feature that ensures that team knowledgeis captured 
D. Requirements management tool that documents requirements and their properties andrelationships 

Question # 10

Which of the following tools will help facilitate the decision-making process whenstakeholders do not agree on the value of an initiative?

A. PEST analysis 
B. Feasibility analysis 
C. Gap analysis 
D. Force-field analysis 

Question # 11

What should the business analyst do during the first steps of a project?

A. Identify the classes of users and their requirements. 
B. Align the sponsor expectations along the project goals. 
C. Evaluate the sources for requirements and prioritize them. 
D. Identify stakeholders and their interests. 

Question # 12

Company A is working on implementing a new platform with multiple stakeholders. Thebusiness analyst has gathered the requirements and established a baseline. However,scope creep is a persistentproblem.What could the business analyst have established to help manage this situation?

A. Configuration management system 
B. Sponsor signoff 
C. Change control process 
D. Communication plan 

Question # 13

The quality function deployment is best suited to assist in the process of:

A. controlling the effects between the quality functions, 
B. quality assurance by structuring the quality audits. 
C. relating the product features to customer value, 
D. quality control by determining the control charts and the run charts.