Salesforce Advanced-Administrator Dumps

Salesforce Advanced-Administrator Dumps

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SP24)
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  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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Salesforce Advanced-Administrator Sample Questions

Question # 1

Cloud Kicks uses a Lightning web component to provide instructions to sales reps. Anadministrator needs to correct a spelling error in the displayed text in one of the Lightningweb components.What is the recommended tool to make the change?

A. Developer Org
B. VisualStudio Code
C. Salesforce Lightning Inspector
D. Developer Console

Question # 2

A sales manager at AW Computing has created a contact record but is missing some of theinformation to complete the record. The organization-wide default for Accounts is set toPublic Read Only, and Contacts are controlled by parent.

A. Who will be able to edit this new contact record?
B. Users above the sales manager in the role hierarchy
C. All users in the organization
D. The owner and users below the owner in the role hierarchy
E. Sales manager and system administrator

Question # 3

An administrator at Clod Kicks has build a flow that delivers status update email tocustomers. Recently, there’s been an increasae in support cases from customers reportingthey had not received the email.Where should the administrator look to investigate the issue?

A. Paused Flow Interviews
B. Process Automation Setting
C. Email Logs
D. Setup Audit Trail

Question # 4

Cloud Kicks has organization-wide snaring defaults on the opportunity set to prvete.However, members of the finance team need to see closed won opportunities. The Dramateam members all have roles under the finance director, while the sales team membershave roles under the sales marager.Which two options should the administrator use to meet these criteria?Choose 2 answers

A. Share with roles and subordinates of the finance cirector role.
B. Make an owner-based sharing rule where the wnn field - true.
C. Create a criteria-based sharing rule where the won field = true.
D. Select all opportunities owned by the sales manager role.

Question # 5

Ursa Major Solar customer records have a lot of fields and Lightning components to giveusers a variety of information and available functions. Recently,usrrs have noted that theirpages take a long time to load and it's starting to negatively impact their experience.What should the administrator do to help diagnose where improvements can be made?

A. Check the debug logs found in the Environment section of Setup.
B. Click Analyze from the Lightning App Builder toolbar.
C. Review the debug logs from the Developer Console.
D. Use the Apex debugger while loading a customer record.

Question # 6

AW Computing has a 4-hour SLA in its support guarantee. The company recently received feed that customers art reporting long wait times before an agent responds to a new case after it has been submitted. How should an administrator ensure cases are properly prioritized?

A. Auto-Response Rules 
B. Escalation Rules
C. Assignment Rules 
D. Workflow Rules 

Question # 7

Sales reps at Ursa Major Solar often give discounts depending on the configuration of the solar panel system. Customers want to know what the different configuration options are. Sales management wants to ensure the opportunity pipeline is as accurate as possible. What should sales reps do to ensure their quotes and opportunities reflect their sales?

A. Update the quote record each time the customer requests a different product configuration, and clicks the sync button to update the opportunity.
 B. Create a new quote record for each of the different product configurations. Sync the most likely to be purchased back to the opportunity. 
C. Create new opportunities for each quote request. Change the forecast category to omitted for all except the most likely to be purchased. 
D. Use the products related list to associate the different configurations with the opportunity. Update the Amount field with the most likely purchase price. 

Question # 8

The sales department has asked to limit access to the Amount field on the Opportunity to only tnose users. In the sales department and on the executtve team, Northern Trail Outfitters uses six custom profiles including Sales User. Marketing user, call Center user. Executive User Sales Manager user, ana call Center Manager user. Field level access is removed from three or the profiles In the sandbox. What action should an administrator take to make sure this change is in production?

A. Create a sandbox template and push it to production to reflect the update. 
B. Manually restrict access to this field for each profile via Setup Just like the sandbox. 
C. Deploy a change set from tht sandbox to prodUGBOffl including the Amount field with all the custom profiles. 
D. Process a change set with the profiles that should no longer have access to the field. 

Question # 9

An administrator created and activated several record-triggered flows that are configured to run before the record is saved on the same object. What should the administrator consider about the order of execution for flows? 

A. The flow type will determine the order of execution. 
B. The last created date of the flow will determine the order. 
C. The order of flow execution is unpredictable. 
D. The flows will execute in alphabetical order based on their names. 

Question # 10

A sales rep needs to help cross-sell an opportunity but is unable to make updates on the record or update the opportunity team. Which two options would be required for a sales rep to add a rep to the opportunity team? Choose 2 answers 

A. Transferred ownership of the Opportunity to the sales rep 
B. A permission with Edit access on the Account object 
C. A role above the Opportunity owner in the role hierarchy 
D. Transferred ownership of the Account to the sales rep 

Question # 11

DreamHouse Realty wants better insights into potential revenue in the next quarter and is considering using Collaborative Forecasts. What should the administrator consider when setting up Collaborative Forecasts? 

A. Opportunity Split data cannot be viewed in a forecast. 
B. A forecast can be either revenue-based or quantity-based.
C. A single org can have up to six different types of forecasts. 
D. The default forecast categories cannot be customized. 

Question # 12

AW Computing created new multi-tier service plans. The primary difference between the packages Is the length of the term. The company wants to capture start and end dates for each service plan sold, which can direr from the contract dates of the subscription. How should an administrator ensure the data is captured properly? 

A. Build a validation rule on the Opportunity object to require custom date fields based on the product(s) selected. 
B. Configure formula fields to reflect the close date of the opportunity. 
C. Create a new price book for service plans with term lengths. 
D. Make a validation rule on the Opportunity Product object to require custom date fields based on the product family. 

Question # 13

An administrator at Universal Containers has been asked by the compliance team to understand end track various sensitivity levels for its data In Salesforce. The administrator has enabled Data Classification end configured appropriate sensitivity levels. The compliance team would Ike a report showing field level sensitivity and classification. What should the administrator recommend? 

A. Run the standard Data Classification report. 
B. Create a custom Entity Definition and Held Definitions report type. 
C. Use the Data Classification Metadata list view. 
D. Configure a custom Data Classification and Metadata report type.