Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Dumps

Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Dumps

Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer (SP24)
  • 203 Questions & Answers
  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

A Digital Developer creates a B2C Commerce server connection in their UX Studioworkspace. The Developer adds new cartridges to the workspace, but the cartridges doNOT execute as the Developer expects.Which three things should the Digital Developer verify to ensure the cartridges areuploaded? (Choose three.)

A. The Auto-Upload setting is enabled for the server connection. 
B. The Active Server setting is enabledfor the server connection. 
C. The credentials for the server connection are correctly entered. 
D. The cartridge is for the current version of B2C Commerce. 
E. The server is configured to accept incoming connections. 

Question # 2

A client uses tax tables in Business Manager to calculate tax. They recently startedshipping to a newcountry, Italy, and the taxi s not being calculated correctly on the StorefrontWhat is the likely problem?

A. Tax Region is configured wrong. 
B. Tax Country is missing 
C. Tax Jurisdiction is missing 
D. Tax Locale is configured wrong 

Question # 3

A Digital Developer has been given a specification to integrate with aREST API forretrieving weather conditions. The service expects parameters to be form encoded.Which service type should the Developer register?

C. HTTP Form 
D. WebDAV 

Question # 4

Given a job step configured in the steptype.json, a developer needsto add a custom statuscode“No_FILES_FOUND”.Which code snippet will complete the requirement?

A. var status = {success: ‘OK’. Message: ‘NO_FILES_FOUND’}; return status; 
B. var status = require(‘dw/system/status’); return new Status(Status.OK, ‘NO_FILES_FOUND’); 
C. this.status = ‘NO_FILES_FOUND’ return this; 
D. return ‘NO_FILES_FOUND 

Question # 5

Why should a Digital Developer use ProductSearchModel.getProducts() instead ofCategory.getOnlineProducts() to access products?

A. It is more readable code. 
B. It has fewer lines of code. 
C. It uses the search index. 
D. It reduces accesses to the application server. 

Question # 6

Adeveloper working on a simple web service integration is asked to add appropriate logging to allow future troubleshooting.According to logging best practices, which code should the developer write to log when an operation succeeds, but has an unexpected outcome that may produce side effects?

A.‘Unexpected service response’) 
B. Logger.debug(‘Unexpected service response’) 
C. Logger.error(‘Unexpected service response’) 
D. Logger.warn(‘Unexpected service response’) 

Question # 7

A developer needs to update the package.json file so that it points to the hock file for acartridge, usingthe hooks keyword. Which snippets work correctly when added to the file?:

A. { “hooks”: “./cartridge/scripts/hooks.json” } 
B. { “hooks”: “./scripts/hooks.json” } 
C. { hooks: “./cartridge/scripts/hooks.json” } 
D. { hooks: ./scripts/hooks.json } 

Question # 8

A DigitalDeveloper must give users the ability to choose an occasion (holiday, birthday,anniversary, etc.) for which gifts are currently being selected. The data needs to bepersistent throughout the current shopping experience.Which data store variable is appropriate, assuming there is no need to store the selectionin any system or custom objects?

A. Request scope variable 
B. Page scope variable 
C. Session scope variable 
D. Content slot variable 

Question # 9

A job executes a pipeline thatmakes calls to an external system.Which two actions prevent performance issues in this situation? (Choose two.)

A. Use synchronous import or export jobs 
B. Configure a timeout for the script pipelet. 
C. Disable multi-threading. 
D. Use asynchronous import or export jobs.

Question # 10

A Newsletter controller contains the following route:‘Subscribe’, function (req,res,next){ var newsletterForm = server.forms.getForm(‘newsletter’);var CustomObjectMgr =require(‘dw/object/CustomObjectMgr’); if(newsletterForm.valid){ try{ var CustomObject = CustomObjectMgr.createCustomObejct(‘NewsletterSubscription’,;CustomObject.custom.firstName = newsletterForm.fname.value; CustomObject.custom.lastName = newsletterForm.lname.value;- } catch(e){ //Catch error here } } next(); });Assuming the Custom Object metadata exists, why does this route fail to render thenewsletter templatewhen the subscription form is correctly submitted?

A. Custom Objects can only be created by Job scripts 
B. The Subscribe route is missing the server.middleware.httpt middleware. 
C. The CustomObjectMgr variable should be declare outsideof the route. 
D. The Custom Object creation is not wrapped in a Transaction. 

Question # 11

Universal Containers requires that a new order comments attribute is added to the existingSiteGenesis checkout flow. This new attribute needs to be included as part of the standardorder export.Aside from updating the HTML markup and form definition, which option contains allnecessary steps to achieve this task?

A. • Add the new attribute to the "Order" system object. • Modify the "COPIaceOrder" controller to add this new attribute to the current session's "Order" object. 
B. • Modify the "COPIaceOrder" controller to update a CSV file in the IMPEX WebDAV directory with the order ID and comments. • Modify the order export process to read information in the CSV file and include it as part of the export. 
C. • Add the new attribute to the "Customer" system object. • Modify the "COPIaceOrder" controller to add this new attribute to the current session's "Customer" object. 
D. • Create a new custom object type for order comments that contains the attributes: order ID and comments. • Modify the "COPIaceOrder" controller to create a new order comments custom objectupon order completion. 

Question # 12

ADigital Developer is tasked with setting up a new Digital Server Connection using UXStudio in their sandbox.Which three items are required to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A. Instance Version 
B. Instance Hostname 
C. Business Manager Username 
D. Keystore Password 
E. Business Manager Password 

Question # 13

A DigitalDeveloper is asked to optimize controller performance by lazy loading scripts asneeded instead of loading all scripts at the start of the code execution.Which statement should the Developer use to lazy load scripts?

A. importPackage () method 
B. $.ajax() jQuery method 
C. local include 
D. require () method