Salesforce Consumer-Goods-Cloud-Accredited-Professional Dumps

Salesforce Consumer-Goods-Cloud-Accredited-Professional Dumps

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited Professional (WI24)
  • 68 Questions & Answers
  • Update Date : July 11, 2024

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Salesforce Consumer-Goods-Cloud-Accredited-Professional Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which three fields are available on the Retail Store object that differentiate them from the Account object?

A. Delivery Method
B. Operating Hours
C. Preferred Visit Hours
D. Shipping Address
E. Payment Method

Question # 2

A Field Sales Manager to trying to determine which stores have a decline in RetailExecution KPIs and therefore need attention. Which Tableau CRM for Consumer GoodsCloud dashboard can provide the required data?

A. Store Performance Dashboard
B. Team Performance Dashboard
C. Lost Visit Store Performance Dashboard
D. Product Performance Dashboard

Question # 3

Which step is required to link an Action Plan to a Visit record?

A. Create an Action Plan based on the template where the template owners are the Sales Reps.
B. Create an Action Plan Template by specifying Visit' as the target object and publish it.
C. Activate the Visit to generate Action Plan Tasks.
D. Activate the Action Plan.

Question # 4

A Consumer Goods Cloud user wants to create a new custom Task Type to support theauditing of coolers installed at retail store locations. Which Assessment Task DefinitionTask Type should be used?

A. Other
B. Planogram Check
C. Inventory Check
D. Custom

Question # 5

A Field Rep is having challenges measuring their share-of-shelf due to a recent change inpackaging to a competitor's product, which makes their products look almost identical.When using Einstein, the competitor's product was marked incorrectly as the rep's product.What should the rep do to prevent this from happening in the future?

A. Turn the competitor's products around and re-perform the check.
B. Contact the manager to create a new planogram.
C. Cancel the task and perform the planogram check manually.
D. Edit product tags

Question # 6

A consultant for Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) company advises NTO to leverage VisitRecommendations for the field team. Which build option ensures the strategy is scalable tomeet the requirements of NTO?

A. Build the strategy using Workflows.
B. Build the strategy using Flow Builder.
C. Build the strategy using an Apex class.
D. Build the strategy using Process Builder.

Question # 7

For flow based tasks, which two statement are correct?

A. A Retail Store KPI is always needed and is passed to the flow in the variable RetailStore KPI.
B. Retail Visit KPIs always need a corresponding Retail Store KPI.
C. Assessment Task IDs and Visit IDs are passed to the flow in a flow task.
D. Retail Store KPIs are not needed, as long as an Assessment Indicator Definition isavailable within the flow to create the Retail Visit D KPI.
E. Flow based tasks should never be used for tasks that require a Retail Visit KPI.

Question # 8

Where would a Consumer Goods Cloud Admin need to establish the expected value for the planogram metrics?

A. Retail Store KPI
B. Assessment Task Definition
C. Delivery Tasks
D. Assessment Indicator Definition

Question # 9

A consultant for Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) retail stores would like to configureinventory checks related to product, that are stocked in the frozen food aisle. What shouldthe consultant do first to ensure the field rep knows that the product is located in the frozenfood aisle?

A. Create an In-Store Location called Frozen Food Aisle'.
B. Create a record type called 'Frozen Food Aisle on the task.
C. Create a picklist field called location' to document the Frozen Food Aisle.
D. Nothing as Product2 captures that the product is frozen.
E. Create a record type called 'Frozen Food Aisle' on the retail store.

Question # 10

How can a Field Sales Manager access a photo taken by a Field Rep of a defective In- store asset

A. The photo is linked to the visit record
B. The photos Inked to the asset record
C. The photo is sent directly to the manager's email
D. The photo is linked to the asset check task

Question # 11

Which object is exclusively available to users in setup to perform direct store delivery?

A. Shipment
B. Delivery Task
C. Order
D. ProductTransfer

Question # 12

A member of the Northern Trail Outfitters company has been tasked with setting up planograms for the field team. Which of the following steps is required to ensure an assessment task of planogram check is available to the field?

A. The team member must make sure Einstein Object Detection has been enabled.
B. The team member must populate the custom context field on the assessment task.
C. The team member must associate the In-Store Location to the Planogram for the functionality to work.
D. The team member must upload an image of the planogram to the assessment task's related documents.

Question # 13

Which Statement is accurate regarding Action Plan Templates? 

A. They can be associated with Assessment Task Definitions and Component Tasks 
B. They can be Cloned 
C. They can be deleted 
D. They cannot be setup in the mobile application