Salesforce CPQ-Specialist Dumps

Salesforce CPQ-Specialist Dumps

Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist (SP24)
  • 181 Questions & Answers
  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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Salesforce CPQ-Specialist Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containersrequires a subset of Products to be viewed based on a button on the Quote Line Editor. Which Salesforce CPQ functionality will satisfy this requirement?

A. Custom Action
B. Product Rules
C. Custom Script
D. Pricing Rules

Question # 2

Universal Containers has a Product that has a Subscription Term of 12 months. Usersfrequently create Quotes which are longer than this period. When adding this Product tothese Quotes, however, the Prorated List Price is the same as the List price. Which actionshould the Admin take to correct the issue?

A. Populate Subscription Pricing on the Product.
B. Populate Subscription Pricing on the Quote Line .
C. Check“Enable Proration” on the Quote.
D. Populate Default Subscription Term on the Quote Line.

Question # 3

Universal Containers sells a monthly subscription service that is offered to their clients witha ramp option. This subscriptionis priced with a setup fee, an installation fee, and arecurring fee. Which set of actions would meet these requirements?

A. Create three products to represent the setup fee, the installation fee and the monthly feeeach with a monthly price dimension, andcombine them into a bundle.
B. Create a single product with three monthly price dimensions
C. Create a single product with two one-time price dimensions and one monthly pricedimension.
D. Create a single product with two monthly price dimensions and one one-time pricedimension.

Question # 4

Which two objects could a discount schedule be applied and take precedence over thediscount schedule identified in a productfeature?Choose 2 answers

A. Contracted Price
B. Product
C. Product Option
D. Segmented Produc

Question # 5

An admin has set the Group Field on one of the Quote Templates. On output documentson Quote A, Quote Lines appearto be grouped incorrectly.What are two explanations for this grouping?Choose 2 answers

A. Modified By field on the user's Quote was last modified before the new Quote Templatewas implemented.
B. Template Section with Template Content of Line Items typehas a value in Group Field.
C. There are Quote Line Groups related to Quote A.
D. Bundles on Quote A contain a Configuration Attribute designating location.

Question # 6

A User at Universal Containers created a quote containing two products. Product A ismarked as Include in Percent of Total, with Subscription Pricing blank. Product B hasSubscription Pricing set to Percent of Total. When the Contract is renewed, both productsare shown in the renewal quote, but Product A has a Net Total of zero. Which reasonexplains why Product A does not have a non-zero total?

A. The Asset Conversion behavior on the Product must be set to Allow Renewals.
B. Product A is an Asset that the Customer already owns, and will not be priced again.
C. Renewal Pricing Method was set to Subscriptions Only at the Account Level.
D. Include Net-New Products in Maintenance must be flagged in CPQ Package settings.

Question # 7

A contract begins April 1st and ends December 31st. The contract has been amendedtwice so far. The first amendment has an Amendment Start Date of June 1st. The secondamendment has an Amendment Start Date of August 1st.If the current date is October 1st, what is the earliest possible Amendment Start Date for athird amendment?

A. April 1st
B. October 1st
C. January 1st
D. August 1st

Question # 8

An Admin has noticed that the proration fortheir subscription products is not coming out towhat they would expect. With a Start Date of January 1, 2017 and End Date of January 1,2018, the Prorate Multiplier is coming out to 1,083. The CPQ Admin is expecting a ProrateMultiplier of 1,003. Whataction should the Admin take to correct this pricing issue?

A. Change the Subscription Prorate Precision in package settings to “Month + Day.”
B. Change the Default Subscription Term on the Quote Line to produce expected proration.
C. Change the Subscription TermUnit in package settings from Month to Day.
D. Change the Prorate Calculation field in package settings from Month to Day.

Question # 9

Universal Containers has a requirement to set a maximum discount approval threshold forthe User. This Threshold is a calculated value based on data held in a Custom Object. TheAdmin has determined that this will require two price rules. The first rule is a lookup rulethat Pulls a value from a custom object record and set it to a custom field on the quote line.The second price rule evaluates if the custom field is populated, and if so, it calculates themaximum discount threshold using that value. Both Price Rules have Evaluation Events setto On Calculate. The Second Price Rule is not running. How should the Price Rules bealtered so that the second Price Rule will run?

A. Both Price Rules must be moved to the Before Calculate Evaluation Event. 
B. The order of the Price Action for the first Price Rule must be earlier than that of the second.
C. The second Price Rule must have the same Evaluation Order asthe first.
D. The second Price Rule must be in a later Calculator Evaluation Event.

Question # 10

The Admin wants to display specific customer information from the Account object onto theoutput document. Which object should this information be referenced on to be pulled intoan HTML Template Content record?

A. Quote Line
B. Quote
C. Opportunity
D. Template

Question # 11

A user is contracting an Amendment Opportunity to increasethe Quantity of a subscription.The subscription is generating on the amended Contract, but the existing RenewalOpportunity contains only the originalOpportunity Products.Which product and contract field values should the Admin set to ensure the Quantity of theRenewal Opportunity Products is updated?

A. The Product’s Subscription Type = RenewableThe Contract’s Renewal Forecast = TrueThe Contract’s Renewal Quoted = True
B. The Product’s Subscription Type = RenewableThe Contract’s Renewal Forecast =FalseThe Contract’s Renewal Quoted = False
C. The Product’s Subscription Type = RenewableThe Contract’s Renewal Forecast = FalseThe Contract’s Renewal Quoted = True
D. The Product’s Subscription Type = RenewableThe Contract’s Renewal Forecast = TrueThe Contract’s Renewal Quoted = False

Question # 12

A User forgot tostore an Additional Discount at the Quote level while they were in the LineEditor. Rather than going back in, they have changed the field on the Quote’s detail page.After doing so, however, no prices were updated to reflect the new discount. Which reasoncould explain this unexpected behavior?

A. The Additional Discount is only applied to the Amount fields on the Quote.
B. Fields updated outside of the Line Editor do not affect Pricing.
C. The Additional Discount field is not in the Calculating Fieldsfield set.
D. A Price Rule is needed to inject this value into the Quote Lines.

Question # 13

Which of the following is not part of the structure of a Pricing Rule?

A. Price Action
B. Price Rule Detail
C. Price Display
D. Price Condition