Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Dumps

Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Dumps

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist (SP24)
  • 161 Questions & Answers
  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Sample Questions

Question # 1

A file is received daily from a data provider to the account FTP. This file needs to beimported into the Marketing Cloud as soon as it arrives.The arrival time of this file varies byseveral hours day to day. What tool should be used to accomplish this?

A. Automation Studio Scheduled Automation 
B. Automation Studio File Drop Automation 
C. Journey Builder Fire Event 
D. Journey Builder Import Activity 

Question # 2

Approximately 50% of Northern Trail Outfitters' (NTO) subscribers open emails on theirmobile devices, while the remaining 50% of subscribers open their emails on their desktop.The Chief Marketing Officer of NTO would like the emails to render well on both desktopand mobile devices, but does not want to spend a significant amount of time developing foreach environment.What is the recommended design approach?

A. Responsive Design 
B. Desktop-centnc Design 
C. Static Design 
D. Mobile-aware Design 

Question # 3

An email marketer needs a point-and-click tool to create a segment based on everyonewho lives in a five-mile radius of a specific zip code and to see an accurate count ofsubscribers in real time.What solution meets thisspecification?

A. SQL Query Activity 
B. Contact Builder 
C. Audience Builder 
D. Data Filters 

Question # 4

An account has a Subscriber Key enabled, and will be providing a unique key for eachsubscriber from an external system. A marketer wants to create a data extension forsendingemail campaigns. What steps would the marketer take when creating the dataextension? (Choose 2)

A. Check the "Is Sendable" option 
B. Set the column representing the Subscriber Key as a Primary Key 
C. Set the Email address column as a Primary Key 
D. Relatethe Email address to the Suscriber Key 

Question # 5

What is a personalization string?

A. A snippet of text that inserts subscriber attributes into an email 
B. An automated way of scraping a websitefor content to populate inside of an email 
C. The snippet of text at the top of the email that is visible before an email has beenopened 
D. A content area that will display based on a subscriber attribute 

Question # 6

Which feature can a marketeruse to individualize content in an email? (Choose 3)

A. Specialized content 
B. Audience Segmentation 
C. Predictive content 
D. Personalization string 
E. Dynamic content 

Question # 7

To make a data extension sendable what must it contain. (Select Two)

A. Email Address 
B. Primary Key 
C. Subscriber Key 
D. Link ToolTip 

Question # 8

What are Exclusion Lists in the marketing cloud and how are they used? (Choose all thatapply)

A. they are like Suppression lists; list of subscribers that don't want to receive yourcommunications. 
B. subscribers who have a status (active, bounced, held, unsubscribed) 
C. May be subscribers who want to continue receiving messages. 
D. You select an Exclusion List at the time of send 

Question # 9

An email marketing team has been tasked with building a new email that pulls inpersonalized content based oncustomers' preferences. The team has decided to create dynamic rules to accomplish thissetup. What are the fourelements that are required for the creation of a dynamic content rule?

A. Attribute, Value, Operator,Content 
B. Lists, Value, Operator, Images 
C. Preferences, Value, Operator, Lists 
D. Customers, Value, Operator, Content 

Question # 10

Whatcan a marketer do to enhance a Welcome Series campaign? (Choose 2)

A. Require that the subscriber refer a friend 
B. Personalize email content 
C. Send three emails on the first day after sign-up 
D. Share the email program's value proposition 

Question # 11

A marketer needs to import a text file and does not have access to the account's EnhancedFTP site. What is the recommended way to import the data?

A. Data Extract Activity Interaction 
B. Import Subscriber Wizard 
C. Import Activity Interaction 
D. Manual Data Filter Refresh 

Question # 12

A marketing team needs to narrow down a customer population of several millionsubscribers based on eCommerce order details, and rapidly explore the data to findappropriate segments. How cansegmentation with this scenario be accomplished?

A. Data Extract Activity 
B. Audience Builder 
C. Drag and Drop Segmentation 
D. Profile Attributes 

Question # 13

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send shipping email notifications to members, Shippingfulfillment data is included in a file that is moved at frequent intervals to a folder on theirEnhanced SFTP Account.Which solution could be used to achieve this?

A. File Drop Starting Source in Automation Studio 
B. Import Activity in Automation Studio 
C. File Drop Entry Source in journey Builder 
D. Transactional Send in Journey Builder