Salesforce OmniStudio-Developer Dumps

Salesforce OmniStudio-Developer Dumps

Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer (SP24)
  • 85 Questions & Answers
  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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Salesforce OmniStudio-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer need to configure a calculation procedure to calculation a subtotal using twodifferent depending on whether the input Boolean variable is Customer is set to true orfalse.How should a developer configure the calculation procedure to conditionally execute thecorrect formula?

A. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected: use theISTRUE(isCustomer) and NOT (ISTRUE) (isCustomer) functions in the Condition syntax. 
B. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected:reference just the isCustomer variable in the Conditional syntax (no comparison necessary) 
C. Use two separate Calculation Steps with the Conditional Step property selected:compare the isCustomer variable directly to the literal true and false values in the Conditionsyntax. 
D. Use a single Calculation Steps with IF statement directly in the formula definition toreference the isCustome variable and conditionally perform the appropriate calculation. 

Question # 2

When launching an OmniScript from an action on a FlexCard, the OmniScript displays, butno Salesforce data is populated:Which two errors could cause this behavior?Choose 2 answersChoose 2 answers

A. The Id Field for Actions in the FlexCard is blank. 
B. There is no active version of the Data Raptor Extract. 
C. There is no active version of the OmniScript 
D. In the DataRaptor Extract Action, the Input Parameters Filter Value is misspelled. 

Question # 3

An integration Procedure uses an HTTP action to make a REST API call. The responsefrom the REST API must be converted into a specific XML structure before sending it as aninput to another external wen service.How should the developer configure the Integration Procedure to meet this requirement?

A. Use a Remote Action that calls the XMLStreamReader class 
B. Use a Remote Action that calls the XMLStreamWriter class 
C. Use a DataRaptor Transform to convert JSON to XML 
D. Use a DataRaptor Extract and check the XML checkbox on the Output JSON Path. 

Question # 4

A developer is creating a FlexCard for a new Community page. The FlexCard will displaycase information along with action to close the case and update the case. And it will bestyled using the Community’s theme.What must be developer do to configure the FlexCard for deployment in a Community?

A. Add the FlexCard’s API name to FlexCard Player component 
B. Set the Target property in publish Options to Communitypage’’ 
C. Configure the Component visibility in the custom Component. 
D. Set the Developer property in Card Configuration to ‘’Community’’ 

Question # 5

A developer needs to create . DataRaptor to retrieve the name of an account for a contact.Following best practices, how should a developer configure the extraction steps?

A. Define an extraction step for the Contact object and set the Extract JSON Path toContact Account.Name 
B. Define extraction steps for the Contact and the Account objects, and set the ExtractJSON Path to Contact Account.Name 
C. Define extraction steps for the Contact and the Account objects, and set the Extract3SON Path to Account.Name 
D. Define an extraction step for the Account object, and set the Extract JSON Path toAccountContact.Name 

Question # 6

A developer needs to display the following information together on one FlexCard:* Account name, address, phone number, website* Primary contact first name, contact name, address, phone number, emailThe account information must always be visible, and the contact information should only bevisible as needed by the user.What approach should the developer use to display the contact information on the card?

A. Use a Datatable element 
B. Set the class’’ collapsible’’ on the block element 
C. Set the collapsible property on the block element 
D. Use a conditional FlexCard State 

Question # 7

A developer needs to change some field labels on a FlexCard. The FlexCard is currentlydeployed to production. The developer that the best course of action is to version theFlexCard rather than cloning it.Which factor would lead the developer to this decision?

A. The new version of the FlexCard will be used in a new Console, and the current versionof the FlexCard should remain unchanged.
B. Another team member is developing new action, fields and styling for the current versionof the FlexCard. 
C. The new and current versions will be displayed together on the same target. 
D. All instance of the FlexCard must be updated with the changes. 

Question # 8

In an OmnoScript, a developer needs to configure a Disclosure element to require userinput only if the user already checked a Non-Disclosure Agreement Checkbox.How should the developer configure the conditional view to meet this requirement?

A. Show element if true 
B. Disable read only if true 
C. Set element to optional if false 
D. Set element to require if true 

Question # 9

A developer is building an OmniScript and needs to save to Salesforce and to an AWSOrder Management system.Which OmniScript element could save all of this data?

A. DataRaptor Post Action 
B. HTTP Action 
C. Integration Procedure Action 
D. DataRaptor Load Action 

Question # 10

A developer is configuring the API URL in an HTTP Action element within an Integrationprocedure.What is the merge code syntax for passing a Date node from an element named SetValuesin the URL?

A. x%SetValues.Date% 
B. (‘ Setvalues’] [ ‘Date’] 
C. %SetValues Date 
D. {(SetValues. Date)} 

Question # 11

A company wants to allow agents to send customers a quote for signature. The quote is adocuments created using a DocuSign template that has been prefilled with all of the quotedetails. The document will be emailed to one or more recipients for signature.How should a developer configure this functionality in an OmniScript?

A. DocuSign Envelope Action 
B. PDF Acwm 
C. DocuSign Signature Action 
D. Email Action 

Question # 12

In a calculation procedure, what is required for the output of a calculation step to be used inan aggregation step?

A. It must be included in constants. 
B. It must be a matrix lookup step. 
C. It must be a calculation step. 
D. It must be included m the calculation output. 

Question # 13

A developer creates a Flexcard that displays a contact’s mailing address and passes thecontact’s postal code to a child FlexCard.When configuration text elements in the child FlexCard, what syntax should a developeruse to refer to the contact’s postal code?

A. {Postalcode} 
B. {Parent.postalcode} 
C. {Records.postalcode} 
D. {Params.postalcode}