Salesforce Platform-App-Builder Dumps

Salesforce Platform-App-Builder Dumps

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder (SP24)
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  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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Salesforce Platform-App-Builder Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers (UC) maintains information for over 2 million assets in an externalsystem. UC needs to access these assets in real-time data in Salesforce and is nearing thedata storage limits.What feature could an app builder recommend UC use?

A. Data Loader
B. Salesforce Connect
C. Salesforce to Salesforce
D. Data Export Wizard

Question # 2

DreamHouse Realty (DR) has a policy that requires the phone number on Contact to bedeleted when the DoNotCall checkbox is checked.What automation tool should the app builder recommend?

A. Quick action
B. Approval process
C. Validation rule
D. Workflow rule

Question # 3

An app builder received a request to extend record access beyond the organization-widedefaults configured. Which two features satisfy this requirement?Choose 2 answers

A. Sharing Rules
B. Public Groups
C. Permission Set Groups
D. Manual Sharing Rules

Question # 4

Cloud Kicks wants to set up a new opportunity approval process and execute variousaction items based on the initial submission.Which three action types should an app builder use in the approval process?Choose 3 answers

A. Email Alert
B. Outbound Message
C. Task
D. Invocable Flow
E. Invocable Process Builder

Question # 5

What are the limitations of Schema Builder when creating a custom object?

A. "Save" should be clicked each time a new object, field, or relationship is created.
B. Fields and relationships can be created, but they will be unable to add the fields to thepage layout from the canvas.
C. Relationships can be made to any custom objects, but any relationships to standardobjects should be built in Lightning Object Manager.
D. Custom fields can be added to any custom objects, excluding formula field types.

Question # 6

Universal Containers allows all employees to submit reviews for leadership using a customobject called Review. These Reviews should only be visible to the HR department and theemployee who submitted the record.Which three steps should an app builder take to properly control access to Reviews?Choose 3 answers

A. Disable Grant Access Using Hierarchies.
B. Add a Master-Detail (User; field on the Review object.
C. Create a criteria-based Sharing Rule for the HR Department.
D. Remove Review Read permission from non-HR Department user Profiles.
E. Set organization-wide default to Private.

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks has three types of customer support processes: Platinum, Diamond, andBronze. The app builder created separate record types for each process on the Caseobject. The customer support team should be unable to create new cases with the Bronzerecord type.How should this requirement be met?

A. Update the organization-wide defaults to private for Case.
B. Update the support team profile to remove the Bronze record type.
C. Create permission set group for Case that includes Platinum and Diamond record types.
D. Make the record type hidden to support users; update sharing roles to private.

Question # 8

Cloud Kicks (CK) captures all shipping information in a custom object called Shipments__c.CK's app builder is tasked with creating an approval process to ensure departmentmembers can approve all overnight shipments.Where should the app builder route the approval request?

A. Hierarchy field
B. Role
C. Public group
D. Queue

Question # 9

An app builder wants to create a report to compare the number of support cases in eachstatus (New, In-progress, or Closed) and by priority (Critical, High, Medium, or Low).What solution should be used for the report?

A. Grouping
B. Bucket Columns
C. Custom Report Type
D. Filters

Question # 10

An app builder has deployed a change set from a sandbox to production. There is a long delay in the deployment.What can be causing the delay?

A. Profiles are included in the change set.
B. A field type change is included in the change set.
C. Dependent fields are included in the change set.
D. Roles are included in the change set.

Question # 11

Ursa Major Solar has a lookup relationship between a custom Galaxy _c object and acustom Star_c object. An app builder wants to create a roll-up summary field that countsthe total number of Star_c records related to each Galaxy__c record.How would the current configuration impact the ability to achieve the desired result?

A. The roll-up summary can be achieved by creating a formula field on the Galaxy__c object.
B. The lookup relationship will need to be converted to a master-detail relationship before aroll-up summary field can be created.
C. The roll-up summary can be achieved by creating a formula field on the Star__c object.
D. A roll-up summary field will need to be created on the Galaxy__c object with a field filterthat select all related Star_c records

Question # 12

Where can an app builder edit an existing app to add components to the utility bar?

A. App Menu
B. Lightning App Builder
C. App Manager
D. Lightning Record Page

Question # 13

Universal Because of the small screen, they currently have to scroll down the page to viewthe information for an account based on criteria about the related contact.Which solution should an app builder use to fulfill this requirement?

A. Set the filter type on the component visibility to display based on user permissions.using custom permission to define the dynamic criteria.
B. Add a related record component to the page layout
C. Set the component visibility to display based or an advanced filter type, using thecontact field's) to define the dynamic criteria.
D. Hide the component behind a tab on the page layout.