VMware 2V0-33.22 Dumps

VMware 2V0-33.22 Dumps

VMware Cloud Professional
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  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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VMware 2V0-33.22 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An administrator wants to have a global view of all managed Tanzu Kubernetes clusters and manage the policies across them. Which solution would the administrator use? 

A. VMware Tanzu Mission Control 
B. VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront 
C. VMware Tanzu Service Mesh
 D. VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 

Question # 2

A cloud administrator is managing a Google Cloud VMware Engine environment with a single cluster consisting of 28 Hosts. The Administrator and, based on estimates from the application team, requires seven additional hosts. What should the administrator do? 

A. Add seven hosts to the existing cluster. 
B. Provision a new private cloud. 
C. Provision a new cluster. 
D. Nothing; the cluster will scale automatically.

Question # 3

What is the purpose of the VMware Cloud on AWS Compute Gateway (CGW)? 

A. A Tier-1 router that handles routing and firewalling for the VMware vCenter Server and other management appliances running in the software-defined data center (SDDC) 
B. A Tier-1 router that handles workload traffic that is connected to routed compute network segments 
C. A Tier-0 router that handles routing and firewalling for the VMware vCenter Server and other management appliances running in the software-defined data center (SDDC) 
D. A Tier-0 router that handles workload traffic that is connected to routed compute network segments 

Question # 4

Which software development challenge can a cloud administrator address by adopting a cloud operating model?

A. The length of time needed to provision the required infrastructure 
B. High operating expense (OPEX) spending due to software licenses 
C. The use of different programming languages by developers 
D. Lack of standardization of operating systems used by developers 

Question # 5

A cloud administrator is looking for a unified solution to collect and analyze security events for troubleshooting from: VMware vSphere Windows Operating Systems Physical servers Web servers Database servers Amazon Web Services Which VMware Cloud service can meet this requirement? 

A. VMware vRealize Automation Cloud 
B. CloudHealth Secure State 
C. VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud 
D. VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud 

Question # 6

Which Tanzu Kubernetes Grid component provides authentication, ingress, logging and service discovery? 

A. Tanzu Supervisor cluster 
B. Tanzu CU 
C. Tanzu Kubernetes cluster 
D. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid extensions 

Question # 7

A cloud administrator is looking to migrate several dozen workloads from their on-premises location to a VMware public cloud using the vMotlon feature of VMware HCX. A total of three networks will need to be stretched for the migration. They will also be utilizing the capabilities of the WAN appliance to optimize migration traffic. Based on this scenario, how many IP addresses would need to be reserved for the onpremises deployment of VMware HCX? 

A. four 
B. five 
C. three 
D. six 

Question # 8

A cloud administrator needs to provide the security team with the ability to query and audit events and provide custom real-time alerts for the VMware NSX firewall running In VMware Cloud on AWS. Which solution would the administrator use to accomplish this goal? 

A. CloudHealth by VMware 
B. VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud 
C. VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud 
D. VMware vRealize Operations Cloud 

Question # 9

A company needs to Increase its Infrastructure capacity quickly to accommodate their rapid business growth. Which cloud use case describes their requirement? 

A. Maintain and Modernize 
B. Consolidate and Migrate 
C. Disaster Recovery 
D. Maintain and Expand 

Question # 10

A cloud administrator is managing a VMware Cloud on AWS environment. Currently, there Is a single cluster consisting of four 13.metal hosts. Due to an increased demand, cluster capacity has to be expanded by 60 cores and 640 GB of memory. What should the administrator do to meet the demand? 

A. Add 16 CPU cores to the existing hosts.
 B. Add three c4.metal hosts to the cluster. 
C. Add two i3.metal hosts to the cluster. 
D. Add one i3en.metal host to the cluster. 

Question # 11

A customer identifies consumption-based ransomware protection as a primary business requirement. Which VMware solution offers long-term immutable point-in-time recovery options? 

A. VMware vSphere Replication 
B. VMware Site Recovery 
C. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery 
D. VMware vSphere Data Protection 

Question # 12

A cloud administrator requires an external secure connection into their data center to use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Which connection type can they use to connect to an Instance of VMware Cloud? 

A. Policy-based virtual private network (VPN) 
B. Public IPs over the Internet 
C. Private L2 virtual private network (VPN) 
D. Route-based virtual private network (VPN)

Question # 13

Given what you know about cloud, which examples illustrate its benefits? Select all options that apply. 

A. An organization requires fewer developers when it uses the cloud. 
B. An organization manages its cloud resources by using different cloud providers that are separate and isolated from each other. 
C. A business stores infrequently accessed data in the cloud to benefit from reduced onpremises storage costs. 
D. An organization manages its cloud resources by using different cloud providers that are separate and isolated from each other. 
E. A developer codes an application in a cloud-based environment, and, with a few simple commands, deploys the application on the business website. 
F. In seconds, you receive a large amount of storage using a cloud option.