VMware 3V0-624 Dumps

VMware 3V0-624 Dumps

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization Design Exam
  • 142 Questions & Answers
  • Update Date : July 15, 2024

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VMware 3V0-624 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company is consolidating its IT operations efforts by moving the Finance, IT, and QA departments towards a self-service environment, following SDDC best practices.   • All departments have different priorities and expectations for uptime of the required infrastructure and applications.  • Project stakeholders are still discussing final approvals for the budget wan the CFO.  • To drive down the operating cost of the environment, only blade servers will implement this project.  • To ensure business continuity, a colocation provider was chosen to fail over virtual machines.  • The implementation of the project will follow a public reference architecture provided by VMware.   What is the assumption in this scenario?

A. The chosen architecture is sufficient.
B. All departments demand different SLAs. 
 C. Final budget approvals are being discussed. 
 D. The environment will be shared by several departments. 

Question # 2

A company is designing a new vSphere cluster to support a mission-critical application.   • The application requires 100% availability and cannot be restarted to recover from an ESXi host failure.  • The application consists of a group of 16 virtual machines, each with 8 vCPU configured.   Which solution satisfies the availability requirements?

A. Guest OS-based software clustering 
 B. vSphere High Availability 
 C. vSphere High Availability Application Monitoring 
 D. vSphere Fault Tolerance 
 E. vSphere Site Recovery Manager 

Question # 3

A company has requested a new vSphere 6.5 design that will allow it to finally break the 80% virtualization barrier by virtualizing its resource-intensive application.   • The application is highly available by design and includes application-aware clustering software capable of operating as a fully distributed system.  • The company's Application Version 2.0 consists of 386 small applications and middleware with non-persistent storage and 24 database virtual machines at each data center.  • When coupled with a proper load balancing solution, this application can continue operating even with the loss of an entire data center, but the small applications and middleware tiers within a data center must exist within the same broadcast domain.  • The database tier is tightly controlled with a firewall policy that only allows middleware tier access, and is replicated to other sites using a dedicated circuit.   Which two application requirements apply to this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. The application will require the configuration of an IGMP stub and helper. 
 B. Shared storage is required by the application clustering software. 
 C. The application will require one large subnet. 
 D. The application will require a method of balancing and recovering sessions between sites.

Question # 4

When planning on resource use for the servers, you should plan on leaving resources available for all the following except __________. 

A. patching 
 B. maintenance mode 
 C. future growth 
 D. log file space

Question # 5

A company has a database server that requires intensive random write performance on its traditional iSCSI storage running in RAID LUNs.   ? Currently, it is running on a physical server. ? The customer would like to consolidate its existing environment by virtualizing.  When architects a vSphere 6.5 design, which three components would ensure storage performance and availability? (Choose three.) 

A. RAID 5 on storage 
 B. 10Gb uplink for iSCSI network 
 C. RAID 10 on storage 
 D. VMXNET3 for the VM network
 E. VMware Paravirtual SCSI adapter

Question # 6

Recommend in order to allow multicast snooping to enhance multicast performance in vSphere 6.5?

A. Change multicast filtering mode in distributed switch from basic to igmp/mld 
 B. Change multicast filtering mode in distributed switch from igmp/mld to basic 
 C. Edit query time interval for multicast snooping to 300 secs 
 D. Multicast is not supported.

Question # 7

A solutions architect has made the following design decisions:   ? Leverage existing hardware that is certified on earlier versions of vSphere but is NOT on HCL for ESXi 6.5.  ? Upgrade vCenter Server to version 6.5.  ? Configure separate clusters based on ESXi versions 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5 for newly purchased, certified hardware.  ? The underlying CPU family is compatible.  ? There is enough resources available to vMotion virtual machines (VMs)  Given this scenario, what is the correct statement about the ability to vMotion virtual machines between versions of ESXi? 

A. VMs created in vSphere 5.x must be upgraded first to newer virtual hardware and then be vMotioned to vSphere 6.x. 
 B. VMs created in vSphere 6.x environment with default settings can be moved to ESXi 5.x. 
 C. VMs can be vMotioned to the same or newer version of ESXi. 
 D. VMs that are created after the vCenter Server 6.5 upgrade can be vMotioned between any supported versions of ESXi. 

Question # 8

A developer is tasked with building an application to process shipping requests. The developer is consulting the vSphere team to determine failover options and performance best practices.   • The development team is providing three physical ESXi hosts with 8 CPU cores and 256G8 of RAM per host.  • The developer does NOT know how many virtual machines they will require.   Which virtual machine (VM) sizing strategy will provide the highest level of uptime, individual VM performance, and failover capacity?

A. A few large 8 vCPU VMs per host protected by vSphere HA.
B. Many small 1 vCPU VMs participating in an OS level clustered application protected by vSphere HA. 
 C. A few large 8 vCPU VMs per host protected by vSphere Fault Tolerance. 
 D. Many small l vCPU VMs participating in an OS level clustered application protected by vSphere Fault Tolerance. 

Question # 9

A company is in the process of deploying a modern video-streaming application.? The application is able to scale (expand and collapse) its steaming nodes in the form of CentOS 7.x 64bit virtual machines, based on demand.  ? This IO-Intensive application has a high CPU demand and generates a significant number of disk operations (IOPS).  ? To host the application, the company decided to implement a brand-new VMware cluster with vSphere 6.5  ? The company would like a significant reduction in CPU utilization as well as a possible increase in throughput.  Which virtual disk adapter should be recommended for the company's physical design?

A. LSI Logical Parallel 
 B. VMware Paravirtual 
 C. BusLogic Parallel 
 D. LSI Logic SAS

Question # 10

A system architect is building a design that includes three vCenter Server Appliances with 20 to 25 ESXi hosts each. The reliability of the environment is the top business priority because the company runs several applications that must be highly available.   Which VMware solution provides the ability to centrally detect issues in the environment and resolve them?

A. Set up a log collection and analysis engine such as VMware Log Insight and point all components of the vSphere environment to this engine. 
 B. Enable the deactivated VMware Log Browser Service to capture and search logs in the vSphere Web Client. 
 C. Use the new vSphere HTML5 client that provides multiple ways to detect and isolate issues in the environment. 
 D. Use the vCenter Server Support Assistant as an easy way to create log bundles, then transfer them to VMware support for analysis and resolution.

Question # 11

A customer wants to virtualize an Oracle database with vSphere 6.5, but is concerned about its performance.   Which three design elements will ensure optimum performance? (Choose three.)

A. Share as much memory as possible with the balloon driver. 
 B. Use VMXNET3 for the network adapter. 
 C. Create affinity rules for the virtual machine to a single physical socket. 
 D. Use VMware Paravirtual SCSI adapters for data and log vDisk. 
 E. Enable Hyper-Threading

Question # 12

A customer has storage arrays from two different storage vendors at two different sites.  The customer wants to restore operations at the secondary site in the event of a disaster.   Which VMware technology must be used to meet this requirement?

A. vSphere replication 
 B. vSphere Data Protection 
 C. array-based replication 
 D. vSphere Fault Tolerance

Question # 13

A customer has an enterprise data center and wants to deploy two physical hosts with internal disks at each Remote Office/Branch Office location.   ? The customer does NOT want to use any external storage arrays.  ? There is an existing enterprise SAN and vSphere infrastructure in the centralized data center.  Which VMware technology will fulfill this requirement?

A. vSAN with two physical hosts and nested witness node placed in the central management location 
 B. Virtual Volumes running on a supported SAN 
 C. VMware Storage Appliance with three physical servers 
 D. vSAN with two physical hosts and nested witness node on top of them